Milestones to Building a Successful Technology Software Company

On May 31, 2012 the ESD Alliance (formerly EDAC) hosted the first in a series of conversations exploring concepts and best practices for emerging companies. This conversation outlined the critical milestones which must be conquered to take a start-up from early stages to a strong, growing, sustainable business.

The three participants in this conversation have had serial success with navigating companies through concept to successful liquidity events. The content is geared to founders and executives of software, systems, and semiconductor companies, as well as others interested in getting a birds-eye view of what companies face at various stages of success.


Jim Hogan, Private investor

Dean Drako, President and CEO, ICManage

Ravi Subramanian, President and CEO, Berkeley Design Automation

Organized by:

Steve Pollock, Chairman, ESD Alliance Emerging Companies Committee

Gloria Nichols, Event Organizer, Launch Marketing

Georgia Marszalek, Valley PR


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