The Electronic System Design Alliance
The IEEE Council on EDA (CEDA)
are proud to honor

Dr. Chenming Hu

TSMC Distinguished Professor
of the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley

With the 2013 Phil Kaufman Award

Dr. Chenming Hu is being honored with this award for major contributions to transistor modeling
enabling the generation of FinFET based design.

Dr. Hu’s contributions include advances in device physics, modeling, and reliability, including the BSIM compact models, widely used to in the development of integrated circuits. He has also advanced semiconductor technology with nearly one thousand publications, and has been a mentor and role model to hundreds of graduate students.

Additional information on Dr. Hu’s contributions in are available in the press release.

The 2013 Phil Kaufman Award presentation was held at the 50th Design Automation Conference in Austin Texas.

Video of the 2013 Phil Kaufman Award Presentation

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