The theme for this special evening was “EDA: Back to the Future.” It brought together current EDA colleagues and alumni to celebrate the past, look to the future, connect with old friends and make new ones. An important part of the evening was the group of “EDA luminaries” that celebrated with us and were honored at the event.

At the dinner, each table was “hosted” by an industry luminary. You might sit with a previous Kaufman Award recipient, ESD Alliance board member, past or present CEO, or investors who have focused on EDA. This was  an exciting opportunity to connect with the people who have contributed to the ESD Alliance and shaped our industry!

Here are some of the luminaries who attended the event on October 16:

Bernie Aronson

Jaques Benkoski

Robert Brayton

Randal Bryant

David Burow

Raul Camposano

Rick Carlson

Edmund Cheng

Joe Costello

Dean Drako

Aart de Geus

John Eurich

Robert Gardner

Jack Harding

Soha Hassoun
(Representing all DAC General Chairs, Past, Present, and Future

Penny Herscher

Jim Hogan

Chenming Hu

John Kibarian

Kathryn Kranen

Ernest S. Kuh

Lucio Lanza

Rajeev Madhavan

Dave Millman
Alan Naumann

Wally Rhines

Scott Sandler

John Sanguinetti

Simon Segars

James Solomon

Sanjay Srivastava

Ravi Subramanian

Lip-Bu Tan
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