Crossing the Chasm: Building a Start Up to a Successful Exit

Amit Gupta, Founder of Solido Design Automation, acquired by Mentor, a Siemens Business

On Thursday, September 13, 2018, Jim Hogan continued this popular series with a discussion with Amit Gupta. Amit was co-founder, President & CEO of Solido Design Automation Inc., which was acquired in 2017 by Mentor, a Siemens Business. Previously, he co-founded Analog Design Automation Inc. (ADA), a startup for semiconductor design software acquired by Synopsys in 2004.

Jim Hogan was on the board of directors of Solido Design Automation, and will interview Amit about his experience growing the company from an EDA start-up to a successful acquisition.

This informative event was being held in conjunction with the Electronic Design Process Symposium (EDPS), September 13 & 14, 2018, as the Thursday evening Keynote address.

Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018
 Location: SEMI
673 S. Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035

Video preview of Crossing the Chasm with Jim Hogan and Amit Gupta.
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Photos from this informative event

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Keynote Speakers:

Jim Hogan, Private Investor, Vista Ventures, LLC.
Jim is currently the managing partner of Vista Ventures, LLC. Jim has worked in the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry for more than 40 years gaining experience as a senior executive and board director in electronic design automation, intellectual property, semiconductor equipment, material science and IT companies.

Amit Gupta, General Manager, IC Verification Solutions Solido, Mentor, a Siemens Business.
Amit is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has successfully started and grew two EDA companies, Analog Design Automation and Solido Design Automation, raising over $30 million in investment from venture capital, strategic, private and government sources.