On October 18, 2017, the ESD Alliance co-sponsored an event at San Jose State University featuring expert and SJSU alumnus Jim Hogan discussing today’s Cognitive Era.

At this event, SJSU welcomed Vishal Kapoor, who shared his perspective on the dynamics of the Cognitive Era. As we move into the Cognitive Era, what are the major shifts in education, occupation and understanding of the practical dynamics that you need to be aware of? This age is already affecting you. Are you prepared for it?

What does it mean when the physical, biological and digital intersect in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? From your thermostat knowing when you are home or not, to your car self-parking, to a cushion that can measure how sedentary the aging population is, to sound-based sensors, it is here. Beyond tracking your shopping and listening to what you say with Amazon and Google smart speakers, what changes will we see? Will medicine move from reactive to proactive. Will we really send out kids in autonomous cars to school? Will we be able to harvest the energy from our bodies to infinitely power the measurement of our physiology? Is the next unicorn startup going to be founded by a philanthropist or a nurse using AI? With unprecedented changes to society, education and our daily lives, this era has already started to impact us.

This event was the second of a series of events on cognitive science. Additional events include:

Enjoy the photos from the event, below.

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