Interoperability Committee

The EDA Consortium Interoperability Committee addresses issues surrounding EDA tool and compute environment interoperability.

A key part of this initiative is the EDA Consortium OS Roadmap. By agreeing on a core set of common operating systems, EDA companies can reduce the costs of development, and support for multiple operating systems. EDA customers also benefit by reducing the number of supported operating systems needed to support various EDA tools.

A further  benefit to both EDA vendors and customers is the likelyhood that a new tool under evaluation will smoothly integrate into the existing compute environment. This allows evaluations to be based on the quality and benefits of the tool itself, rather then whether it will work in the existing compute enviroment.

As part of maintaining and updating the OS Roadmap, the EDAC Interoperability Committee meets regularly with OS vendors to learn their roadmaps for both new and existing products. This information, along with additional data, is used to determine the recommended OS versions for new designs, as well as when older versions should no longer be used for new designs.

For more infomation about the Interoperability/OS Roadmap Committee, please contact us. 

Interoperability Committee Members can access recent Operating System vendor presentations.