The World Has Changed
Have Your Sales and Marketing Strategies?

If your company provides EDA, IP, design and verification services or
software development, this workshop is for you.

Still relying on email blasts, cold calling, raffle prizes and collecting business cards to find prospects?

Stop searching for qualified prospects and have them seek you out. Engineers and designers are looking for solutions. Rather than blast out your message and hope they see it, bring them to your solutions using Inbound Digital Marketing techniques.

All You Need to Know About Inbound Digital Marketing

Digital, content-based, inbound marketing is relatively easy to implement, inexpensive, and can lead to significant results based on the experiences of ESD Alliance members OneSpin Solutions, Breker Verification Systems and others. In this 3.5 hour workshop, Nicolas Athanasopoulos, OneSpin’s Head of Digital Strategy and Dave Kelf, Chief Marketing Officer at Breker Verification Systems, shared proven, effective techniques borrowed from other industries that can be applied to electronic design ecosystem marketing.

The workshop consisted of four sections:

1. Intro – Tech marketing in the digital age
2. Inbound – A strategic model for digital marketing
3. Digital marketing – Tactics that fit for EDA
4. Case study – Digital marketing at OneSpin

Workshop Section Details:

Intro – Tech Marketing in the Digital Age (Dave Kelf)
In the past few years, there have been interesting shifts in electronic system design marketing. The whole purchase decision-making process has been transformed through an online revolution. This challenges traditional marketing and its established tactics, ultimately leading to huge efficiency problems. Today’s executives and decision makers are not picking up sales phone calls and emails, and their interest in conferences and mainstream media has waned. Simultaneously, competitive activity and industry consolidation has put even more pressure on small and medium-sized semiconductor enterprises. Fortunately, marketing technology is evolving as fast as users and prospects are changing their behavior. Targeted solutions can actually tackle today’s marketing needs. Together, in this 3.5 hour workshop, we will face these new environmental challenges to modern tech marketing and clear up the myths of online, content-based, social media marketing.

Inbound – A Strategic Model for Digital Marketing (Nicolas Athanasopoulos)
It’s important to know that a shift to digital marketing doesn’t automatically guarantee successful, attention catching activities. For instance, intrusive banner ads and pop-ups applied to digital channels merely generate irritating noise. As such, it’s important to differentiate inbound techniques as a strategic model for digital marketing. This solution simply relies on the intrinsic interest of the target audience and does not invade the user’s viewport with non-relevant online ads. In this workshop, you will get introduced to the comprehensive methodology of inbound as a solid, strategic backbone of digital marketing.

Digital marketing – Tactics That Fit for EDA (Nicolas Athanasopoulos)
Not all digital marketing channels, tactics or tools can be easily adapted for every market environment. There is no “one-fits-all” solution, and this represents a special challenge for start-ups and small enterprises in the EDA industry when implementing these new techniques. This workshop section will provide you with a comprehensive overview on the most efficient channels, the best tactics, and the most effective potential tools that could help you leverage digital marketing for your business.

Case study – Digital Marketing at OneSpin (Dave Kelf & Nicolas Athanasopoulos)
After the theoretical foundation, the workshop will finish with a case study from a very successful, actual EDA campaign conducted by OneSpin Solutions. We will guide you through a case study where we promoted the company’s safety-critical verification solutions using the complete, inbound-driven digital marketing process. This includes the practical application of the previously mentioned tactics applied along the entire decision making process. We will finish by reflecting on the phenomenal of this campaign and analyse the real data in comparison to established marketing ROIs.

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Workshop Leaders:

Nicolas Athanasopoulos, Head of Digital Strategy, OneSpin Solutions

Nicolas is head of digital strategy at Silicon Valley startup OneSpin Solutions, one of the fastest growing software vendors in the electronic design automation (EDA). Born into a generation of digital natives, Nicolas has his finger on the pulse of change when it comes to state-of-the-art marketing technology. After cutting his teeth at leading global agency WPP Holding, where he developed digital media strategies for accounts like Barclays, Ubisoft, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Nicolas went on to curate business-to-business experience in the digital unit at 3M.Nicolas holds a master’s degree in Media and Communication Management from Media design University of Applied Science for Design and Information Technology. His thesis, “Digital Customer Centricity,” explored the theoretical integration of a customer-centric approach into 3M’s existing digital marketing strategy.

Nicolas is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Dave Kelf, Chief Marketing Officer, Breker Verification Systems

Dave is responsible for all aspects of Breker’s marketing activities, strategic programs and channel management. Dave most recently served as vice president of worldwide marketing solutions at formal verification provider OneSpin Solutions. Earlier, Kelf was president and CEO of Sigmatix, Inc. He worked in sales and marketing at Cadence Design Systems and was responsible for the Verilog and VHDL verification product lines. As vice president of marketing at Co-Design Automation and then Synopsys, Kelf oversaw the successful introduction and growth of the SystemVerilog language, before running marketing for Novas Software, noted for the Verdi product line, which became Springsoft and is now part of Synopsys.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Computer Systems from the University of Salford and a Master of Science degree in Microelectronics from Brunel University, both in the U.K., and an MBA from Boston University.

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