Ernest S. Kuh
1998 Phil Kaufman Award Recipient

The EDA Consortium (now the ESD Alliance) is proud to honor Ernest S. Kuh with this year’s Phil Kaufman Award.

Aart de Geus, Chairman of Synopsys and the EDA Consortium said, “The Phil Kaufman Award honors individuals who have made a substantial and sustainable contribution to the success of our field. Ernie Kuh is a pillar of the EDA community. Over many years he has not only made valuable contributions to the physical domain but has also groomed and mentored a large number of students that have participated significantly in propelling EDA into the vital role that it plays in electronics industry today.”

Dr. Kuh’s work and research has been in the areas of electric circuit theory and Computer-Aided Design for VLSI circuits and systems

Kuh is co-author of four books and over 180 papers in circuits, electronics, networks, systems, and computer aided design. His contributions in circuit theory include synthesis of passive and active networks, optimum design of negative resistance and parametric amplifiers, state-space techniques in networks and feedback systems, time-varying networks, and nonlinear circuits.

Dr. Kuh has made contributions to circuit layout theory and algorithms in partitioning, floorplanning, placement and routing. Software packages developed by his research group include BBL, BEAR, and PROUD. His most recent contributions have been the development of timing-driven physical design tools for submicron IC and MCM, and an accurate and efficient circuit and interconnect simulator. Those works have yielded software programs useful for industrial and academic researchers.

Kuh was born in 1928 in Beijing China; attended Shanghai Jiao Tong University; BS from U. of Michigan 1949; SM from MIT in 1950; Ph.D. from Stanford 1952. From 1952-1956 member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ. Joined the EECS Department at UC Berkeley in 1956. From 1968-1972 Chair of the Department; 1973-1980 Dean of College of Engineering. He retired 1993. He is currently the William S. Floyd, Jr., Professor Emeritus of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California (Berkeley) and on the Board of UltimInterconnect Technology. He has also served as a board member of ECAD and Cadence Design.