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The  ESD Alliance Export Committee  includes standing representation from Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, and is open to participation from all member companies. 

The Export Committee represents the EDA industry in Washington, particularly with the Agencies overseeing export regulations.  Our goal is to educate the agencies about our products and how they are classified against the Commerce Control List, to ensure the correct level of export controls are applied to our products and technology.  

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EDA and Export Regulations

Today under the US regulations, EDA is controlled under Anti-terrorism restrictions, meaning that we can distribute our products to all destinations, other than Sanctioned parites, Denied parties or to end-users or end-uses subject to general or specific country sanctions.

A significant aspect of this is the US Commerce Department’s ruling on encryption, which exempts the following from control under the encryption classification:

Encryption and/or decryption for protection of libraries, design attributes, or associated data for the design of semiconductor devices or integrated circuits;

This exemption saves SIGNIFICANT efforts - avoiding licensing and reporting requirements to the government that would be required without this exemption. 

For an introductory overview of US Export compliance,  ESD Alliance members  can watch the  Export Overview Presentation . (Login required.)

At the 2015 Design Auomation Conference (June 2015), Export Committee Chair Larry Disenhof (Cadence) and Karthik Laggisetty (Intel) gave a management day overview of practical implications of US export regulations. Alliance members can view the video of the informative, 20 minute presentation. (Login required.)

In September 2013, the Export Committee held a deep dive seminar on export regulations and how they apply to EDA. This valuable seminar was recorded; a  publicly available preview  is available, while  ESD Alliance members  can view the  full presentation . (Login required).

Key Activities


The committee continues to represent the EDA industry in Washington.  There have been  attempts by certain government agencies to classify design-for-manufacturing elements of EDA as restricted technology.  To-date we have defended our position, and we remain diligent in responding to these proposals.

In addition our goal is to inform the industry about ongoing export reform efforts, as well as provide guidance on compliance. We hold seminars and webinars on export topics, and we welcome suggestions of topics for future seminars and webinars.