The ESD Alliance promotes the growth of the electronic system design industry in many ways, including promoting small, innovative businesses and improving the efficiency of large and small companies.

An innovative new idea for a product or service is an essential start for a new company, but there is much more. The Emerging Companies Committee is focused on the needs of these companies by providing valuable information to help entrepreneurs grow their company. This includes seminars on marketing, sales, financing, legal issues, and more.

Many complex electronic system designs are done in a multi-vendor environment, with designer choosing “best in class” tools from many Alliance members, large and small. The Interoperability Committee, along with the OS Roadmap, helps to facilitate interoperability, which helps designers work more efficiently and reduced development and support costs for vendors.

Julie Rogers

Emerging Companies

  • Committee Charter : Promotes the interests of companies whose annual revenue is less than $5M
  • Committee Chair : Julie Rogers, Director of Marketing, SEMI
Rich Paw

Interoperability (OS Roadmap)

  • Committee Charter : Seeks to define a stable, interoperable OS environment for tools and maximize the efficiency of the resources required to support these environments.
  • Committee Chair : Rich Paw, Global Semiconductor and EDA Segment, Amazon Web Services