Committee Overview

The License Management and Anti-Piracy Committee (LMA) is a group of representatives from ESD Alliance member companies who collaborate on common goals regarding:

  • License Management: Technologies and practices to help honest customers operate within their license agreements.
  • Anti-Piracy: Technologies and practices to hinder the theft of products and algorithms that EDA companes spend millions of R&D dollars to develop.

The License Management and Anti-Piracy Committee (LMA) meets by phone/web once a month to discuss issues related to software licensing and piracy common to EDA vendors and their mutual customers. Topics include how to deal with HostID spoofing, hackers cracking the binary code, helping customers monitor and get reports on their license usage, etc. From time to time, the committee receives presentations from various technology vendors who have products in license management and antipiracy. The LMA committee is often able to use its diverse company representation to speak effectively with a common voice to these technology vendors.

For additional informaton, or to participate in the committee meetings, please contact us.

Recent Activities

New! Many EDA vendors and customers use Flexera’s Flexnet Publisher (FNP) software to manage EDA licenses. The Interoperability Committee, in cooperation with the LMA Committee, has recently added the FNP deployment chart, showing current and future FNP version support for key EDA vendors.

The LMA committee met with Flexera to discuss our thoughts on external license reclamation. (External License Reclamation is a tool or procedure that attempts to force an application program to give up its licenses by applying an external action like process suspension or stoppage.) After some discussion, we concluded this is a very risky practice, and in general is not supported by EDA vendors. This document details the issues surrounding external license reclamation, and why the LMA committee does not support the practice. [Read the LMA committee position on external license reclamation.]