The ESD Alliance quarterly Market Statistics Service (MSS) report captures EDA, IP and Services revenue data collected and compiled quarterly by a major accounting firm, and organizes it into a published report available to alliance members. Individual company revenue remains confidential, allowing public and private companies to report detailed, accurate revenue. Because the data is gathered anonymously contributors have no incentive to misrepresent their revenue; therefore, the information contained within the reports is among the most accurate market data available about the industry.

The MSS report tracks worldwide software revenues in five main categories (CAE, PCB/MCM, IC Physical Design & Verification, SIP and Services) with numerous detailed product categories. The reports are highly detailed, and contain no forecasting, just timely numbers from the companies who contribute their data. Each quarterly report includes the current year’s data plus the three previous years; the annual summary contains five years of market data for trends analysis.

Read the Q1 2020 MSS Press Release.

MSS Quarterly Reports
(Note: Access to the full reports is limited to designated contacts at member companies.)

A summary of the Q1 2020 MSS report is available in the MSS Newsletter.

ESD Alliance member companies receive the complete MSS report each quarter, including tables and charts with both current and historical revenue data organized by both product category and geographic region. The reports provide valuable information to member companies as they grow their business.

To see the revenue detail included in each MSS report, download the current MSS Category Definitions.

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