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Whether you are an entrepreneur or even thought about being one, you know that there are two things to worry about – time and money.

At the May 5, 2014 installment of the popular ESD Alliance – Jim Hogan Emerging Companies Series, Jim and his panelists discuss the sources of money – from crowdfunding to institutional investment to intrapreneural capital. They debate the opportunities and risks associated with those sources and which one might be right for you.

Every entrepreneur believes that they know their product, but often only from a technical capability perspective. How you position, communicate and sell your product may be more important than it’s underlying capability. Without having a keen understanding of what you are building, how capital efficient it is and who needs it, the chances of getting that capital are significantly diminished.

Silicon Valley continues to be a great place for entrepreneurship, and capital remains the only bridge from idea to reality. Watch the video of Jim and the panel debate and refine the approaches in an ever changing landscape.


Jim Hogan, Private Investor, Vista Ventures, LLC.
Jim is currently the managing partner of Vista Ventures, LLC. Jim has worked in the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry for more than 40 years gaining experience as a senior executive and board director in electronic design automation, intellectual property, semiconductor equipment, material science and IT companies.


Amit Gupta, President and CEO, Solido Design Automation, Inc.
Amit is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has successfully started and grew two EDA companies, Analog Design Automation and Solido Design Automation, raising over $30 million in investment from venture capital, strategic, private and government sources. Amit will discuss various sources for and methods of raising capital.

Vishal Kapoor, Principal, Three Legged Stool, LLC.
Vishal is a Principal at Three Legged Stool, an execution-oriented firm that specializes in the concept, development and introduction stages of the product lifecycle to provide companies with the greatest chance of product success. Their areas of specialization are new business creation, M&A and strategic partnerships, product strategy & design, venture & internal fundraising pitches, executive brand & communications and product positioning & launch.

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Steve Pollock, Chairman, ESD Alliance Emerging Companies Committee

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